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a collection of remote, internationally-awarded ad nerds who know that creativity can fix any business problem

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who we are

Led by Creative Director Jordan Buntain, buntain+partners is a select group of remote-working creatives who believe that doing simplified, culture-jamming advertising is better than wasting money on emotionless, big-city busy work.

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what we do

We make advertising and branding ideas that are really hard to ignore, with an end goal of making you the most talked-about brand in your industry.

Doing anything less is pretty much a waste of time and money.

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We've helped dozens of Fortune500 brands think through their communications layer cake.

Brand Platforms

Whether you like it or not, your company will always be known for one base thing. Don't let it happen to you - own it.

Product Campaigns

New products need fresh thinking. Let's launch sharable content that demands attention.


Single one-off's: Commercials (TV, online, video), print ads, audio/radio, social, event-based, corporate videos, etc...

Creative Consulting

Need someone to infuse some creative spirit into your organization? Invite us in for a few workshops.

Client Creative Training

Learn the process of ‘how to buy better creative work’, managing fear, and embracing new.

where we are


453 S Willard St.
Burlington, VT

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